We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Dad Is Green and Doesn't Know It

My dad is 70 years old today. He could care less about polar bears or what's in his drinking water but he is one of the greenest person's you will ever meet. Why? He is cheap.

Part of being green is about buying only what you need. And that is what my dad does. Growing up with him was a pain, he rarely splurged and there had to be a coupon involved. He is still this way.

I remember my mother getting angry with him for not turning on the heater in the winter. And god forbid he bought a car with air conditioning. Our house was always black at night because he would walk behind you and turn off the lights. He owns a very small, very fuel efficient car. He loves to walk and will if he can. He rarely eats out. And never wastes food. Only drinks water from the tap. He rarely shops and when he does it is for necessities. His shoes last him years. His couch is going on 35 years old and I'm sure his bed and dressers are also. He owns one TV, that he has had for 20 years. He doesn't own gadgets like a computer or PDA or iPod. He never travels. I would bet his carbon footprint is neutral.

I look back and disliked living with him as a child. He was so annoying! And so cheap! I froze my butt off every winter. But now in my adult years I look to him and I am proud. He does not even realize it but he is an eco-warrior. I know, he isn't an advocate for fighting global warming or ridding harmful chemicals in what we eat and drink but I still consider him very eco-friendly.

My dad one of a kind. And doesn't even know it.

I love my dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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hopealso (of hippie dippie bébé) said...

Hi, glad to find your blog! I think the aspects of being green that you talk about are too often overlooked, and it's great to find someone writing about them. Sometimes we forget, with all the green merchandise out there at a premium, that frugality is actually at the heart of the issue. In my opinion the best way to be green is to be frugal and green, as it saves so much of our resources and time for deeper pleasures than buying!

Thanks for blogging on the topic. Been thinking a lot about it lately and good to have my thoughts echoed out there! Also thanks for your links and badges! Just checked out One Green Generation too, so I'm excited to have two more good green blogs in my reader (yours and Melindas)!