We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Saves Green October Challenge

I did it! I figured out how to make a VERY SIMPLE banner for my first challenge- Green Saves Green. This is a joint venture between me and Robin at A Little Greener Everyday. She has been challenging her readers every month with new eco challenges so she convinced me to get one going for the month of October. Actually my challenge is a direct result of me ranting and worrying about being green during economically troubling times.

Here is what I need you to do for the month of October's "Green Saves Green Challenge":

  1. If you have a blog, post one idea everyday, or how ever often you like, about what you do to stay green and save money. But don't just post a list or a small thought, elaborate on your thoughts. Tell how you accomplished it or who gave you the idea or any story that relates to why you perform that specific green task.
  2. If you don't have a blog you can email me and I will post it here with full recognition that it is you and not me with the idea. Or you can tell your story as a comment. Every Monday I'll remind you to post your ideas in my comment section.
  3. Let me know. Comment to my post today or email me that you are in. I will list you in my margin to the right. Don't forget your blog link so I can include it.
  4. Grab the banner above and put it on your site. Right click. Save it to your harddrive. Place it on your blog. Link it back to my site, http://itsthelittlethinks.blogspot.com/ or Robin's, http://robinshreeves.blogspot.com/, whom ever you favor.
  5. Have fun.

I am looking forward to hearing your insight on being green and saving moola.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tubing for Greenies

Green and Clean Mom has a video of herself on her blog and it is so cute. She is featuring the 4Real food she bought. Go check it out. But that is not why I am writing this post. I am writing because she posted her video on Go Green Tube. This is like YouTube but green. Duh, I'm sure you figured that out yourself. But nothing like pointing out the obvious on your own blog, hee hee.

So. For the lazy reader and sit-on-your-butt-computer-geek (me), this is a great resource. Just sit back and watch how to be green or get your green news. Awesome! I know some action needs to take place eventually but take a break and go check out Go Green Tube, now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Wish Football was Green

Yesterday we went to a 49er's game. Talk about non-green! Sometimes I like the green bubble I live in. I get to control how much trash I throw away, when lights get turned off and ride my bike if possible. But when you get out into the "real" world you realize how being green is a true challenge!

Just getting to the game is so ungreen with traffic jams galore. Once parked and walking to the stadium the trash (mostly alcohol bottles and cans) is everywhere. I can just image all that garbage ending up in the SF Bay. The stadium is full of things to buy-t-shirts, foam fingers, hats, crappy stadium food, trinkets, whatever. Many of these items will end up at the bottom of your kid's toy box or thrown out. What a waste. But the true kicker for me was seeing the huge lights on during the day! The game started at 1:00 PM and the stadium lights were on during the whole game. Even the slightest of green person would see this as a waste. And at the end of the game it took us a couple of hours in traffic just to get away from the city of San Francisco and on our way home. Barely any public transit to be found. Wow! All this from a city that boasts being a green city.

I'm not saying I hated going to the game, I had a fun time. But why does so much waste have to be generated just in the name of fun from the fans perspective and money from the NFL's perspective? Can anything be done? This is truly a challenge. I will continue to do my part and hope that others learn and try also.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rebutal to Myself

Yesterday I ranting and worried over our nation's fiscal dilemma possibly resulting in our green ways being compromised. Some of it may come true on a large scale like oil drilling for a profit. As voters and citizens we can try to stop things like that from happening. But I am here to argue against myself and say that our green ways don't need to be left behind because gas costs more or our money market account is taking a downward spiral. Fight it. Everyday you can do things that are not only green but cheap! It proves, actually, that being greener is cheaper.

Robin suggested that October be "Green Saves Green" month. That sounds handy! I love that idea. So for the month of October, hopefully everyday, I will post one idea that you can implement during your normal daily routine that will not only be green but inexpensive. You can play along also. Now, since we all read each other's blogs there will be repeats but that's o.k. because we all have our own take on being green everyday. What can be done, to make the idea unique, post the idea then how do you use it or a story behind it. For instance, if you ride your bike then write about something funny that happen to you while riding or what inspired you to start. And posts pictures, those are always fun to see.

We have 12 days...

Be Green.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OK, Now I Am Scared

I am scared for green U.S.A. I am scared because I felt like we, as a nation, were starting along a greener future. My hopes were up. But now that our economy is taking a beating, the first thing to go is our green morality (among other things of course, but I am thinking in green terms right now). I can't quote exactly but I do know that along the California coast new oil drilling has been put to a halt. That's great. But California is in a financial crisis and these idiots running the place won't come to common ground on what needs to be done financially. Hence, when finances go askew people turn to the easiest way to make money and screw the environment we are selling our trees and our offshore oil to get the state out of financial ruins. So I am scared for our environment.

That's just California, which I should say is a huge part of the financial United States market. With 30 million people living in this state our financial ruin could cause financial heartache around the country. I am no economist by far but I don't hear words of financial ruin just yet.

Let's look at the rest of the country. Hurricanes are bashing the lower eastern states. AIG is being bailed out for $85 billion (with a B) with a loan from our government. Other banks have faced bankruptcy for there "junk" mortgages they granted a few years back. The stock market has been slipping for a couple of days now. (Luckily, it's just slipping not falling. This shows we still have some faith in our markets to keep investments in.) Oh ya, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fewer homes are being made. People are getting laid off from major corporations. Gas is still high priced. And grocery prices are high. This is not financial ruin by far but it is enough to scare the general public into believing that to raise money for our distressed market we need to drill for oil or cut down trees or just put aside our green goals to take care of the immediate future. When the market is going well people are willing to splurge and look at the bright side of things. They are willing to buy wind or solar energy. Buy organic foods. Fight to save the environment. But when people hurt financially all they can think about is how am I going to find money to fill my tank or make my next mortgage payment.

Do you see where I am heading? It sucks. I feel that some of the green ways that were adopted by many people this summer and years past because they could afford organic chicken will be placed aside to be able to buy regular hormonal chicken at a cheaper price. Among other things. Green will take a step back until the market sees sunshine again. And it will bounce back. But what will become of the small solar business that just started out? Or the organic farmer who nobody buys from because his food costs more thus he defaults on his loans?

I am rarely a pessimist. I always try to see the bright side of things. So I hope none of this happens. Next time you go to buy groceries still support small local farms or organic. If you take a trip find hotels that are more environmentally friendly. Let's help green make it through the hard times too.

Don't think for one minute I am not worried for Hurricane Ike survivors or the people laid off everyday because some bank or hospital went under. I worry for them also. But my blog is suppose to focus on green and that is where I go.
Cartoon found at Slate.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Little Guy

Today is my son's 10th birthday! Ten years ago today I became a mother to a chubby, bald little baby boy. I have thoroughly enjoyed being his mother and I remind him that he will always be special to me because he was the one that made me a mom. He loves when I tell him that. So I took him cookies at school and let him ignore me in front of his friends like boys start to do at this age. But he still wants me to tuck him in at night or take care of his boo boos, I'll take what I can get.
Happy Birthday "T"!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Petsmart Helping the Earth and Animals

Do you have empty inkjets sitting around your house? Or a cell phone that you no longer use? Do you have a soft spot in your heart for animals? Petsmart will recycle your empty inkjet cartridges and your relatively newer cell phone and the money goes to their Petsmart Charities to help homeless animals.

What you do is visit the nearest Petsmart location, pick up the envelopes to send in your empty inkjets and/or cell phones, place the items in the envelope (certain restrictions do apply, check their website above) and send them off for free. Petsmart charities for animals gets $2-15 donation for each item. It is that easy. I grabbed 4 envelopes while I was there so I don't have to go back repeatedly.

If you don't have a Petsmart near you try Earth911.0rg, they are great resource in finding out where to recycle just about anything.

Help a homeless dog or a stray cat have a happy life. As of today over 3 million animals have been saved. And save the environment too!

Be Green.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Flying Thingy

The other night I went to retire for the night. My dog, Maggy, was outside where she can chase evening bugs on the cool grass. (She LOVES to chase bugs and birds.) I proceed to open the sliding door to let her in and I heard something hitting the top of our patio cover, over and over. Dummy me turns on the porch light, which is about 15 inches from my head, to see what the commotion was. This hug flying creature comes barreling toward the light and me! I quickly turned off the light, closed the door and tried to watch it using the light from inside. I couldn't figure out if it was a really small bat or a big moth! It was the size of a humming bird. You see, here in California I am not accustom to large bugs. And this one freaked me out! Finally I came to the conclusion it was a big moth. Then I thought, we have tomato worms and I know they get big, about 4 inches. This has to be a moth from one of those worms. YUCK! Normally my husband picks off the tomato worms and kills them but our gargantuan tomato plant hides these creatures too well.

Reading a little more about these pests I realized they are not worms (I knew that from Biology class long ago) but caterpillars for the Five Spotted Hawk Moth. "Hawk Moth". Does that say something about this creature? Here is a great, organic reference to maintain the Tomato Hornworm.

Well, I went to bed and knew I would not see this "Hawk Moth" again, hopefully. But when I go out to pick my tomatoes I wonder if more on on their way...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Finds

My beans, romas and zuch

    It has been a busy morning. When you own a 7 year old vehicle things start to break down. My brakes have been squeaking for a couple of days now. And then the radiator started to leak yesterday, what a horrible, toxic smell! Needless to say, I had to take my blazer in this morning and hope I don't get ripped off at the mechanic. I took it to the shop and walked home. At least it was a pleasant walk. I beat the heat, it is suppose to reach 104 degrees today here.

    So my Friday Finds are being pushed back to noon.

    Be green. Enjoy your weekend.

    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    Life Here

    My husband gave up drinking soda and beer and has lost weight. He still eats like shit, way worse than me. But he has lost weight. I give up french fries, chocolate and everything I enjoy eating and lose only my sanity! WTF!? Anyway, I had to get that out there!

    I have been walking, eating lighter and drinking more water. I feel good. But my ass still grows. I may try something different and let you know. Ok, that's all my ranting about my weight.

    On other fronts. My son, the defensive end (did I get the position correct?), has been rocking the football field. He is usually a shy kid but he lets it all out on the field. And you know what else? He is so mellow at home. He gets all his energy and aggression out on the field and leaves it there. Thanks Pop Warner and coaches. Can you see him, he is #60.

    And then there is my daughter, she is such a chick. She cheer leads for the same league. I was never a cheerleader, I played softball and was tough and tumble. My daughter, she's girly. She likes to shop at the mall, I hate malls. She gives a lot of kisses, I love kisses. She actually teaches me how to be tender. I love my little chick.

    And I am so proud of them both. They have been doing so well in school. I rarely have to help with homework, they get it. And they both bring home A's and B's. I don't know what happen this year but they just get it. You know, we had a wonderful summer of freedom outdoors and exploration, I think that has much to do with how well my kids are handling what is thrown at them.

    Be green.

    Organic Salsa

    Look what I have discovered! Pace Organic Salsa! When I can't have homemade I grab Pace. I love it with chips or on eggs. Yummy! And on top of that, I love that it still comes in a glass container. I am able to reuse the jar to freeze single servings of soups I make at home. Thanks Pace.

    Monday, September 1, 2008

    Morning Walks with Liquid Rock

    Creek in the winter.

    I try to walk everyday since the kids have gone back to school. I do belong to a gym but I have been enjoying the outdoors lately. So for now I will wait until the weather turns wet to go to the gym.

    I find myself very lucky to live within a block of a creek and trail that follows the creek for a couple of miles. And I also have a nice neighborhood that is easily walkable. Yesterday I made a short trek to the supermarket for bread and soy french vanilla creamer. I grab my iPod ready to listen to More Hip Than Hippy or Armstrong and Getty podcasts, hat, sunglasses and a smile to tell people along the way "good morning". I am blessed to be able to start my day so pleasantly.

    You are wondering why I am telling you about my walking every morning. Well, I use Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Unscented Deoderant and, frankly speaking, I have sweaty, wet armpits the whole time. Now, I am walking by myself, I don't smell and I just lift my arms to dry off. No big deal. But I always wonder, "What if I was going to a job interview? My pits would be all wet! And possibly my blouse would have a nasty armpit stain." The horror! I guess in that case I would find a solution. But right now I don't need to worry about that.

    If you wear all natural deoderant you should never find anti-persperant. The anti-persperant mechanism in deoderant is never natural. You want your body to sweat, it's natural and your body is getting rid of waste, you don't want to keep waste. Luckly, as a female I sweat very little so it dries fast. And I can say this deoderant does a fine job at keeping me from being stinky. Also, when I put it on in the morning it does take a while to dry on my skin but from what I remember most roll-ons do.

    So that's my monday morning and every morning. Do you want more to read about keeping your armpits fresh feeling? Grist has an informative article called "Scents and Sensibility". And you can always read up on the best deodorants at the EWG's Skin Deep Site, starting with my deodorant.

    Be Green.