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Monday, September 1, 2008

Morning Walks with Liquid Rock

Creek in the winter.

I try to walk everyday since the kids have gone back to school. I do belong to a gym but I have been enjoying the outdoors lately. So for now I will wait until the weather turns wet to go to the gym.

I find myself very lucky to live within a block of a creek and trail that follows the creek for a couple of miles. And I also have a nice neighborhood that is easily walkable. Yesterday I made a short trek to the supermarket for bread and soy french vanilla creamer. I grab my iPod ready to listen to More Hip Than Hippy or Armstrong and Getty podcasts, hat, sunglasses and a smile to tell people along the way "good morning". I am blessed to be able to start my day so pleasantly.

You are wondering why I am telling you about my walking every morning. Well, I use Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Unscented Deoderant and, frankly speaking, I have sweaty, wet armpits the whole time. Now, I am walking by myself, I don't smell and I just lift my arms to dry off. No big deal. But I always wonder, "What if I was going to a job interview? My pits would be all wet! And possibly my blouse would have a nasty armpit stain." The horror! I guess in that case I would find a solution. But right now I don't need to worry about that.

If you wear all natural deoderant you should never find anti-persperant. The anti-persperant mechanism in deoderant is never natural. You want your body to sweat, it's natural and your body is getting rid of waste, you don't want to keep waste. Luckly, as a female I sweat very little so it dries fast. And I can say this deoderant does a fine job at keeping me from being stinky. Also, when I put it on in the morning it does take a while to dry on my skin but from what I remember most roll-ons do.

So that's my monday morning and every morning. Do you want more to read about keeping your armpits fresh feeling? Grist has an informative article called "Scents and Sensibility". And you can always read up on the best deodorants at the EWG's Skin Deep Site, starting with my deodorant.

Be Green.


lucas d said...

You know, I use Crystal natural deodorant. No it's not an antiperspirant. I have the mindset that sweating is a normal body function. I don't want it to stink, but if someone is going to judge me just because my pits are doing what they were created to do, then whatever. We've been so conditioned to see wetness there as undesirable. But I would rather be wet than have cancer or alzheimers someday! :)

Allison said...

Lucas-True true true. Next time I have wet pits I will think of you. Just kidding.