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Friday, January 9, 2009

Organics in 2009

Yesterday I went to Target. I hadn't been there in a couple of weeks when I needed to buy Christmas necessities. I was very surprised to see BATHING SUITS! What is wrong with that picture? Since when did we go from Christmas to bathing suits? Last year I was surprised and almost offended to see Valentine's items at this time of year but, come on, bathing suits. What is the reasoning behind this? Did they not make any money over the holidays so they bring out the bikini? "Hey, people don't have money to spend on the holidays so let's depress them even more and bring out the bathing suits!" "Let's remind all those women that they gained weight in the last couple of weeks." This almost offended me. WHATEVER! Commercialism feels no empathy.

If that was not enough, prices rose. My deodorant cost me $5.39! It's a natural deodorant. At that price nobody is going to buy it and then Target will stop carrying it and then I won't have my favorite deodorant. Oh, my pits will have poison!

And did anyone notice your ice cream container got smaller but stayed the same price? Cereal boxes are shrinking. And don't get me started on eggs.

The year 2009 will definitely be a monetary struggle for so many. Organic food, which is usually a slightly higher price than it's non-organic counterpart, is going to take a negative hit in sales. I can even admit that I have been choosing regular vegetables and fruits over organic. This is so disturbing to me because natural and organic were just starting to go main stream. Now it seems they will take a few steps back. People are not going to care if something is organic when the family struggles to put eggs and milk on their table. So many will choose inexpensive over quality and safety.

I was honestly thinking of not growing a garden again this year and just supporting the local farmers all spring and summer. But now I may change my mind. But ultimately it is my husband's decision, he's the green thumb.

I hope I didn't depress anyone. I just feel this is my wake up call. I need to make sure I make the most of my money and time this year.

But we greenies know that being green actually saves you money in the long run. What we need is someone with popularity to teach that concept. I wonder how green President Obama will be?

Tough Year Ahead For Organic Farmer

Have a green day.

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Beth M said...

Hi! I'm over here now: An Idaho Homestead

You know, after watching The Story of Stuff, I realized that low prices really are not low. They are actually equal to a raping. It's very sad. When we buy organic, we actually are paying in full for what we buy. When we buy things at super low prices, we are promoting child labor, no health care for employees, short cuts that damage the environment and so on. I like that you talk about this concern on your blog. It's more voices to help wake people up.

I use a natural deodorant called...I think....Crystal or something like that. It's spendy up front (about $8), but it lasts for a year or more. It's this block of crystalized salts. Works pretty well!