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Monday, October 6, 2008

GSG: Tapping the Tap

When it comes to drinking water we have many options but the cheapest and greenest one is your tap! Yes, the good ol' kitchen sink. The most convenient, accessable and cheapest way to get water.

When I was a kid I drank out of the backyard hose in Los Angeles. Yes, L.A. water, the horror! But I am still alive. (And I think I have no brain defects, ha ha.) Actually it tasted a little metallic but as a kid you stop for nothing when fun play is involved. No pee breaks and no water breaks. So why has this changed? Many people today will not drink tap or hose water. Study after study has proven our tap water in the United States is above standard.
Is it the taste? Put a lemon sliver in your glass or use a filter. ( A filter is still less money and less plastic than a plastic water bottle.)
Was it the advent of bottled water? Yes, this water does taste better but I have read that the regulations governing tap water are more stringent that bottled water regulations.
Is it convenience? Yes, it is more convenient to grab that bottle of water when on the go. But honestly, how long does it take to fill a reusable container? A minute? And convenience costs more. A simple 16 ounce bottle of water costs about $1, no big deal right? A glass of water costs pennies. Yes, you have to buy the container it goes into but those last years. Over time the cost for the container will make up for the hundreds of plastic bottles you buy during the same time period.
If you are green you will stop the plastic insanity and buy a reusable water container. They are beginning to look cool too! Be the first mom on the soccer field with it, you will be so cool! Especially if you get a "designer" container.
And, hello? This goes for other drinks also. Coffee: brew it at home (organic, fair trade of course) and use a thermos. When out at your favorite coffee shop take your own container. Many shops will give you a discount.
I think I have ranted enough. And there is a plethora of articles to support my claims here, I have them below.

Resources and links for more info:

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