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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Week with Busy

I know there are times I am sporadic in writting posts but this week has been my worst so far. Since last Friday I have not had a chance to breathe let alone get on my computer to do anything.

Last Friday I started to feel sick. In true me nature I fought it. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I woke up with headache and sore body. This morning nothing! Just tired from my busy schedule. I won! If I just pump myself with lots of veggies and fruits, a multivitamin, some green tea and don't stress over things I make it through.

This has been the busiest week I can remember in my recent history.

  • Sunday- football and cheer game about 70 miles away, then it was my daughter's birthday so we took her to buy a bike and lunch. Did I mention the game started at 9 AM and we are required to get my son there 2 hours early and we live 1 1/2 hours away from the football field (we travel a bit for this league). You do the math on what time I woke up that morning. Hint: it was still VERY dark outside.
  • Monday- Plan for special Girl Scout meeting that happens on Tuesday. I wanted to dress like a mad scientist and have my house be a lab. Upload all 192 photos I took at football game and send to 50 parents (still not complete). Prep clothes and items to give to Salvation Army, which means I have to clean out my kids bedrooms of old toys and clothing. And football and cheer practice that night.
  • Tuesday- The Halloween Girl Scout meeting at my house. Had to go buy a pretend lab coat and some decor. Set up my house like a lab with bottles of fake bugs and a human hand and darken the house. The girls loved it! We did experiments with static electricity and vinegar and baking soda (don't ever mix those while your cleaning). Football and cheer practice that night.
  • Wednesdays- Right now I am tired. And hopefully not sick. BUT my right eye has been tearing since I woke up, pink eye? I have never had it. But can't stop now! I have to finish what I started at the beginning of the week. At 11 am I am suppose to help my friend at the kids' school with Jump Rope for Heart. My daughter has a school musical tonight and cheer practice that she will be late to. And I need to do laundry, I have no pants to wear.
  • Thursday- Oh, the fun does not stop today. I have to plan a Halloween haunted house for our Cub Scout meeting tonight. I do have the props for the Girl Scout meeting so I am mostly there. And my son has football practice tonight.
  • Friday- normally I veg today. But, no, my daughter has a birthday party to go to at the movie theatre. High School Musical 3! I will be staying home with my son. Hopefully I can sit down but I know the house will be a mess and dinner will need to be made. Oh, I forgot I help with math now in my son's classroom on Friday mornings.
  • Saturday- Don't let the fun stop now. Football game in the morning. Then Girl Scout overnighter that night at the mall. Rollin' in the fun times and no sleep.
  • Sunday- Cheer competition. Yes, no sleep the night before for me or my daughter and she has competition. Actually, at her age, 8, they don't compete but they perform and they like to have us there bright and early. You ask why I did a sleep over the night before? Well, I didn't plan it that way. Originally the cheer competition was Saturday and we would have gone to the overnighter after. But the league changed to the date on us.

I don't normally stay this busy year round. This time of year everything converges-football, cheer, scouts, birthdays, and holidays. And you still need to make sure great wholesome meals are on the table, the house is clean and everyone washes their hands a lot to avoid getting sick. And I need to shave my legs! All you working moms, I applaud you for getting through busy days and weeks.

I am not looking for sympathy. I just wanted you to know where I have been and why.

So I apologize for no posts this week. See you on the other end...

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