We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

San Francisco

(Diego Rivera "Vendedor de Flores", SFMOMA)

Yesterday my Green Saving Green post was never accomplished. Instead I took a sporadic trip with my daughter to San Francisco. My husband took my son fishing so I wanted to take advantage of the time alone with my daughter and make it a "chick" day. We took BART into "The City" (in the Bay Area you call SF "The City") to enjoy some free tourism. On the first Tuesday of every month certain museums offer free admission so we went to the Museum of Cartoon Art and the SF Museum of Modern Art. I thought my almost 8 year old daughter would be bored but she loved the museums! We looked at originals drawings of Casper, Snow White and Richie Rich. Then at the SFMOMA we "discussed" how the art made us feel and whether or not we could paint like that. She thought it was funny when I called the pigeons there "city pigeons" and how they were tougher than our pigeons at home. (We live about 50 miles east of SF in a more rural community with some farming but mostly comprised of families that have mom or dad commute.) We really enjoyed ourselves.

(City pigeon)

I will write my entry for Green Saves Green and it will appear later today.

You know, I have been thinking, next month I am going to change up my blog just a little. I am going to start blogging a little more about my life, not just my green life. I seem to have hit a plateau with green writing and doing. I can go more extreme green and I constantly work on that but it seems to be a slow process, too slow for blogging. So I may start writing about other things because I am not just striving to be greener I have other hopes and dreams too. And I would love to share them with my blog friends.

P.S. My kids are on a fall break for 2 weeks.


Susie said...

Looks like a fun day! I never know what to do in the city!!

Allison said...

I don't either exceot for Fisherman's Wharf but I took a leap and it worked. Lisa knows the city well so I also ask her.