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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Granola Bars

I am very slowly trying to eliminate plastic from my life. It is very hard. Here are my dilemmas:

  • Deli meats and cheeses for our sandwiches come in plastic bags
  • The kids' snacks come in plastic-no matter if I buy larger boxes with plastic liners or individually wrapped when I get lazy
  • Bread comes in plastic bags
  • Fresh fruit and veggies can come in plastic. When I pick out fruit or veggies I avoid the plastic bag but there are times it comes prepackaged like a 5 lb bag of potatoes or 3 lb bag of apples

There are other dillemmas but these are my most pressing. So in order to do my share for the environment I am trying to make my own food from scratch.

Hence, the title above "Granola Bars". I got the easiest recipe at Mother Earth News. I went to the local supermarket and bought the ingredients for granola bars. And they are smelling really good in the oven right now. The kids are hovering but I told them they have to cool.

But buying the ingredients, even in bulk, posed an issue. I still had to put the oats, sesame seeds and wheat germ in plastic bags. I will wash out those plastic bags and use them again for the next bulk purchase. Some of the other ingredients came in plastic bags that I really don't know how to reuse. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. Will making more from home help the environment?

Putting the environment aside I do know exactly what went into my granola bars. I also know that they surpass the store bought ones in nutritional value. My kids are going to get a healthy dose of fiber and other great vitamins and minerals. I would say that it was worth making them. And my house smells so good!

Later or tomorrow I will let you know how they taste. (I cheated a bit and bought some chocolate chips to melt and drizzle over the top.)

As for my other dillemmas. I am working on making my own bread. I am looking for a higher fiber recipe. And I would like to start the bread in the breadmaker and finish it in the oven. (So I'm lazy, this eco-friendly living can get tough.) I have also made my own tortilla chips, they were good. I want to try to make crackers like Cheez-its or Gold Fish. But I just don't know how to cut down on the deli meat and cheese issue. I can't grow my own chickens and turkeys.

If you have any solutions or suggestions feel free to leave them.


littlebighead said...

i have been trying to think of how to reduce my plastic use as well. lately i've been trying to think what i can do to reuse empty yogurt cups that come with lids. i came up with the idea of reusing them as planters for seeds to sprout and to use as little snack holders for my four year. i know it takes up a bit more space but i won't have to use plastic ziplocs and won't be worried about her snacks getting all smashed up.

Robin Shreeves said...

I've been thinking a lot about the bulk foods that I get out of the bins at the supermarket, also. I buy oatmeal every week from the bins, and other times I buy rice or dried beans, too.

I have carefully taken off the sticker that the price machine generated and used a bag twice, but it would be great if we could take the containers that the items end up in and just put them directly in there, wouldn't it.

I do save all of my plastic bags from buying from the bulk bins, frozen vegetables, bread, etc. to reuse. I use them when I clean out the litter box or need to throw away food that I can't put down the disposal. That way I'm not dependent on plastic grocery bags for anything, which is important because I try not to ever take them anymore.

If the granola bars are good, let us know.