We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Had A Bad Eco Day

Yesterday was a bad eco day for me. No I didn't throw trash out the car window, let the water run all day or even let the A/C run all day. I went to Target with my friend AND took their plastic bags!!! Could I feel more guilty? (You have to know me, I was raised Catholic and guilt plays a big part in me being a good human.) Oh, the guilt as I walked out. I bought food like cereal, bread and whole wheat pasta, so that was not so bad. Oh, get this! They had a shirt that says "Go Green", so I went over to check it out. Made in Bangladesh, not organic, not recycled material and most likely made by a 10 year old. I am over it now and learned from my mistake. Two days ago I did order the Acme Workhorse ultra light bag from Reusablebags.com so I won't have any excuses when I shop.
If that wasn't bad enough I bought new books. My new philosophy is to avoid buying new books because of the natural resources that go into making a book. Buying used uses no new resources. I bought the books at my kids' school so it was for a fundraiser. I felt obligated to help the school.
On that same day I sent my son to school with lunch in a paper bag and non-recyclable plastic bags. By now I am feeling like this anti-environmental mom. BUT I had to send him with everything he can throw away because he was on a field trip.
THEN, to top it all off, my husband shows me his unrecyclable plastic fence to put around our organic veggies so the dog won't destroy them. And a new leaf blower! He was in a bad mood so I didn't want to even ask him why he can't just sweep up the leaves. I'll pick my battles.
I'm trying but some days just go downhill.


Beth said...

Oh..I so know what you mean by the guilt. Environmental guilt has replaced any religious guilt I was raised with. Ugh.

At least we try right? We get points for trying?? :)

Green & Clean Mom said...

Cut yourself some slack. You do your best and you do more than most do. Just keep trying and don't stop, that counts. I also used plastic bags the other day b/c I forgot the reusable bags but it was more wasteful to drive home to get the reusable bags. Nah, your a great eco-mom and eco-woman!