We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


So I am reading some past posts from a family at Greener Beings and I don't think I can follow being as "green" as they are. I mean, at this point I can get rid of the plastic bags, buy local and organic, make my showers shorter, recycle my cell phone and ride my bike more. BUT I am not getting rid of my Diet Pepsi, that's just happiness sabotage!

Not to mention that family has young boys, like 5 or something. Wait until he gets to be 8 and wants toys that are not wooden any more. (They try to buy wooden toys for their boys.) I mean they can go to a thrift shop and buy a used bike or scooter but what about that toy that was just released in November and their son just has to have it?

I am not critisizing at all, I am questioning to be enlightened?

It was so funny. In one of the posts the mom says she goes to the supermarket and is shopping through "eco-eyes". It is true! I do that now. I went to buy cereal and not only do you want it organic but is it stored in recycled cardboard? Or is it in a large plastic bag that can't be recyled? When you buy anything now you look for "recycled", "organic", where it was made, does it have funny chemicals in it? When you start to challenge yourself to be greener it is truelly a challenge. Our lifestyles here in the US do not compliment nature.

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