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-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Help Me w/ Politics Part 1: Presidential Noms

Anyone up for some non-green ranting?

I'm having a hard time and I may piss off some people right now. But I am always open for other people's views and at times I can be swayed.

I don't trust Obama or McCain. I don't trust any politician. I read somewhere that we don't have statesman anymore, they are called politicians now. Winston Churchill said it best, "A politician thinks about the next elections - the statesman thinks about the next generations." Why can't we have statesman? It seems that liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, politicians cannot be trusted. They seem to be in it for themselves, not the people.

In my time, I have witnessed Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush. I was young when Reagan was president but I remember my father just loving him. I also remember thinking that he was a great man for putting a start to the end of the cold war. Bush, not much there, what did he do? Clinton, my impression is that he was a great speaker, good president, liar and cheat. And Bush, oh Bush, do I really need to go there?

Those are the presidents that I've had to endure. Are they great like Washington, Lincoln or Roosevelt? Not really. That depends on your view. Now, I am cutting down our most recent presidents because I have found flaws and I idolize the great ones from the past. They had great policies and made great decisions but were they great men? I heard Washington was a racist. (Sounds blasphemous, doesn't it?) JFK had his share of women. Grant was an alcoholic. But we idolize these presidents. My point is should we care about a president's personal issues if he/she has done well for the country?

So who do I choose? Who do I trust? Obama or McCain? Democrat or Republican? I took a few of those silly tests on the internet that help you figure out which party you lean toward and I am, drum roll, a Libertarian. Who are their presidential noms: Barr/Root. Who the hell is Barr/Root? Why don't they get media time? Oh, they probably don't have enough money for that. Wait, wait, Colbert Report will have Barr on tonight. I will have to catch it.

I don't need to vote for president anyway. The electoral college does that for me. And I live in California, enough said there, Obama will take this state if he is not already chosen by the rest of the country before the time catches up here on the west coast. Poor Hawaii and Alaska, do they really count? So if I am a Democrat great. Republican, that sucks.

Or should I just put my trust issues aside and vote for a party? And then wish for the best.

All this sounds like I don't vote. I do, every time. I have voted for both parties in the past depending on my marital status, financial status, mental status (was I angry with the last party I voted for) and whether I had children. But I can tell you with my Catholic upbringing I lean conservative with the moral decisions. But with my love for nature I lean more liberal. I am so confused!!!! Help!

Tomorrow: Help Me W/ Politics Part 2: The Issues


Robin Shreeves said...


I am of the same mind as you (imagine that). I think about 90% of the country is, too. They aren't voting for someone they think is great for the job. If they have made up their mind it's more of a party loyalty thing than a candidate loyalty thing.

We watched a bit of the convention last night - I didn't have the stomach to watch HIllary but I could hear her from the next room. When she mentioned that it was the glass ceiling that kept her from being nominated, I wanted to gag. It wasn't the fact that she was a woman that hurt her. It's the fact that she's scary and out of touch with reality. I would be excited to vote for a woman if she had a clue that someone like me, a highly educated woman who chose to stay home with kids instead of placing them in day care, is still an important part of society. And she had a lot of other clues that Hillary didn't have, too.

Well, now I'm ranting.

Just for your information. Last night I threw my hat into the race while watching the convention. I'll run for president. So you can vote for me.

My husband said he won't vote for me, though. He said I just want the housekeeping staff. He may be right.

Allison said...

Robin, I am glad you made the point about the SAHM. We are a an important part of society. So many are willing to put us down for staying home. That we are a throw back from the 50's, when women had less choices in life. That is not the case, it was my decision and only mine. As a matter of fact my husband asked me to go back to work. I just can't for various reasons. I figure it is just a choice that works for our family.

And I will be writing your name in. Ha ha.