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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Job Venting

I haven't really been thinking green lately. I have been thinking about how I can use my brain and get paid for it, i.e a job.

This happens to me every year since my son started 1st grade- 4 years ago. My kids go off to school for about 6 hours and I think, "I want a job. Something to use my brain." Before children I went to UCSD and got a bachelor's in Anthropology, I was going to be a CA state park ranger. Before I could make it to the program, and I was getting close, I got pregnant with my son. I have not looked back, I have been a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) ever since. Yah, I did the bookkeeping for my husband's business but "quit" because he never brought me the receipts and I would get angry with him. Last year I worked as a secretary for a real estate broker and it was the most boring job ever. In there somewhere I was the treasurer for the parents club at my kids' school, scout leader and community volunteer. I have kept myself busy.

But now, I really want to use my brain like I intended to 10 years ago. I feel stuck. But here is the catch, I don't want to work weekends or nights. Well, I can work those hours at home.

So I am stuck wanting a job but I am picky about it.
How do I do this? I have almost no job experience. I don't want to commute. I do have a degree but in a very limited field. I am no spring chicken. At 36 you look at the situation and think, "who would hire me?" Starbuck's? Trader Joe's? Well, those would be fun but I need more. I also live really far from any big corporations or companies. Like a 1-2 hour commute. I refuse to do that.
By no means am I saying I don't like being a SAHM but I need to feel like I accomplished something with my brain at a higher level. I have loved being home. Running the house, having breakfast with my buddies and having my own schedule. My problem is that I am spoiled.
I wonder what my options are. Writer? Do I have the knack for it? Can I do that? Real estate agent? In this market? And they work nights and weekends. Sales? No. Web Design? I can't go to school anymore.
My husband wants me to look into some real estate investing that we can dabble in. That sounds promising and I love being around the real estate field, I grew up with my parents flipping houses.
Help!!! What do you do to make money? I am willing to put in the time and money, I just need to know what is out there and how to get there.

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