We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help Me W/ Politics Part 2: The Issues

Yesterday I asked for help in choosing a president. Maybe if I reveal to everyone where I stand on the issues surrounding the election I can get more help. Or just make some people really angry, including myself.

Let me start off my saying I am extremely patriotic. I am one of those people that loves my country. I get all choked up hearing the National Anthem at the Olympics. I respect the flag and follow all the proper procedures to take care of it. I get VERY angry when people talk or do not place their hands on their hearts during the National Anthem. We have a flag in our front yard-ALWAYS. I wear red, white and blue on July 4th. This is the best country. Why? We do have freedom. We have options. Many. Don't believe me. The following list of issues proves we have freedom. Without freedom I would not have a choice to which issue I get to vote for, that would be done for me by the government. Yes, I know many other countries are free but I like where I am and wouldn't change that.

Let's start simple, if I can:

1. I want people to be judged by who they are not what they are. This pertains to affirmative action. People should go to universities based on their merit not because they are a minority. I don't understand how getting into a university because you are a minority stands for equality. (1 for Republican stance.)

2. I love nature and strive to save it. (1 for Democrats)

3. I oppose gun control. All that will do is take guns away from law abiding citizens. It will not get it out of the criminal's hands, their guns are illegal anyway. You outlaw guns, all that will happen is more illegal guns will come into the country. (1 for Rep)

4. No universal health care. Honestly, does anyone think that a government run health care system will work? You know eventually the taxes for health care will get diverted to some other fund. And will that health care really be good? People with universal health care in their own countries come to the United States for surgery because we are that good. Doctors come from all over the world to practice medicine here. (1 for rep)

5. Please stop illegal immigration. I am proud to live in California, the salad bowl of the west. I have met people from all over the world here, but they were legally here. I welcome them. I oppose illegal immigration for one main reason-IT'S ILLEGAL. And don't call me a racist, I grew up the only white girl in an all Mexican school and community eating tomales and pan dulce. Don't go there. My maiden name is Gonzalez. (1 for reps)

6. I can care less if gay couples want to get married. Actually I encourage it, and then adopt children, please. (1 for dems)

7. I support lower taxes, I don't know why anyone would oppose that. We get taxes everywhere-paycheck, gas, sales, property. How much more do they want. (1 for rep)

8. I want us out of Iraq and never to war again. (1 for dems)

9. Religion and government. I lean toward democrats just to be fair to every religion. But I oppose taking the name God off of already established entities. Those symbolize our history as a nation. All that seems like is trying to erase the past the way it was. (1 for both)

10. I believe every able bodied person should work instead of being poor or homeless or suck off the government. This sounds harsh, I know. It is a greater gift to enable someone to proudly work hard than to expect a handout. This is a sketchy subject. And hard to argue in writing. I never want to see anyone homeless or poor. But they should be given a job not a check. My father owned a restaurant when I was a child. Homeless would beg from him for money. He never gave them money because he knew they would go get drugs. He would offer them a meal happily if they went out back and picked weeds first (or some other odd job). Some would say no way. My father then knew what they truly wanted. And some would head to the back, pick weeds and have beans, rice, tacos and burritos for dinner that night. Which homeless guy do you think was happier? (1 for rep)

11. The last issue is the touchiest. Abortion. I hate to bring it up but you may think of me as coward. I oppose it. I know, I know. I have a very good friend who is so pro-abortion that she tries every election to sway me. She knows all her facts and argues them like any good democrat would. But my morals get in the way of me saying that it is ok to kill an unborn child. Believe me, I tried to convince myself so many times. I argued in my head things like overpopulation, the fetus is not viable, the child will grow up in a bad environment, the child will be hooked on crank, the children is mentally incapable. The list goes on. My Christian morals cannot change my conscience. I wish I could.

And the last argument: it's a woman's right. I believe a woman has a right over her own body, every organ. But that baby inside her is not just another organ, it is a separate entity with it's own organs. What about its rights to live? And has anyone ever heard of adoption? Or abstinence? I knew a very young girl that used abortion as her birth control. She had 6 abortions by age 15. Couldn't that hurt her eventually? Who is watching out for this young girl to be sure she doesn't harm her body?

I just wish our society wasn't so quick to throw everything away. We talk about recycling a lot here on the green blogs and to respect mother earth. Why don't we respect our bodies as women and make better decisions? Why don't we stop throwing everything away, including humans? I think it is a sad society when it is so easy and so accepted to just think of a human being as something to be thrown away. Why is it that so many people are quick to save the polar bears but can care less about a human unborn child?

I don't want to outlaw abortion completely. I am aware of cases of rape, incest or detriment to the woman's well being. I just wish their were tougher laws or guidelines.

Like I said this is a very touchy subject with almost no sollution. (1 for reps)

Now that some of you hate me or even love me more, I think I lean Republican. YIKES! John McCain scares me! I still don't think I can vote for him. I need a drink.

No more politics. I need to go back to green goodness....


LisaP said...

Wow. I really respect you for putting yourself out here like this.

I'll go straight for the abortion issue- I've realized that the moral dilemma really is the crux of the argument. The situation you describe with the 15 year old is truly an example of abuse- of herself and of the procedure.

I guess where you and I really differ is that I don't see a fertilized egg or first trimester fetus as an "unborn child". To form an attachment to all those unrealized souls is a waste of energy. How about orphans and homelessness and starvation and the suffering of conscious individuals?

But the bottom line to me is that I don't see myself as EVER choosing abortion, but I don't think it's my right to stop someone else from doing so. I don't think it's my right to force a woman to cary and bear an unwanted child and force that unwanted child into society.

But I do appreciate you being for gay marriage and adoption. "Pro-life" and "pro-gay" don't usually go together. But we have hundreds of thousands of loving couples who would like to support children and have immense road blocks for doing so.


Allison said...

Lisa, Thanks for your insight. I found it very useful in helping me come to terms with my decision regarding abortion. Your concise and thoughtful way of describing your beliefs on the subject are appreciated.
I am a tormented soul when it comes to this subject and at times hate to think about it.
Thank you for stopping by.

Beth said...

I am actually a member of the Green Party. But I do have several political beliefs that people tell me are democratic. To me, abortion is not a Christian matter, it is a human matter. One where one gender of humanity controls another. I don't ever try to convince anyone to believe the way I do. But for me, he or she who controls the uterus rules the world. And since the uterus is inside women, women should be able to decide what happens in there. When men control the uterus, women lose everything. The right to be an individual, the right to control their own bodies. I don't think abortion should be birth control, but I do believe I don't have a right to tell anyone what they can or can't do with their bodies.

That's my two cents! :) Your post is very thought provoking!

Allison said...

Beth-Your Mother Earth symbolism rings true to me. I am a student of anthropology and many early peoples equated the earth with being a mother. And thus seemed to regard females in a different, more respectable manner than today because females give life. I guess science really flubbed things up for us taking the mystery out of having babies.
Thanks for your input, it is a refreshing way to view life.

Amy said...

I (almost) agree with you 100%. Maybe like 95%. Hoping and praying for our country and for better leaders!!!

Allison said...

Amy-Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog and the insight I gain from it. Keep it up.