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-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Off to the Lake

My kids have 4 more days until they go back to school. Yes, they go back Monday. I am sad yet eager for them to go. Sad because this is the end of the summer of sleeping in, being lazy, playing Wii, watching iCarly and having so many adventures. (Camping, zip line, gold panning, movies, boating, gardening.) They are going into 5th and 3rd grade, getting big and that makes sad. My son has already started to pull away from mama like most boys do, yet he can't fall asleep unless I tuck him in. I am lucky I have a daughter who aims to kiss and hug me whenever she can. I know that may go for a while also but she is a girl and I can relate to her. I love them both so much and have had the pleasure of staying home with them to enjoy every moment.

But did I mention I am also anticipating my freedom again! For 5 whole hours a day, Monday through Friday, it will be quiet. The teachers have them and that is good time to be a woman with thoughts to myself again.

To end the summer break the kids and I are going to a Lake Chabot for some water fun and exploring today. I read they have paddle boats, I have never been in one. They also have bike and hiking trails so I will bring my trusty outdoor field guide I bought recently to help identify the flora and fauna. It should be a relaxing warm, adventurous day until the ride home in the infamous Bay Area traffic. I tried to see if we can get there by public transportation but I am confused. We'll see. It looks like I have to transfer 3 times, is it worth it?

I'll let you know how the day went, with pictures.


Robin Shreeves said...

No way, your kids go back Monday! That's so sad. When did they get out?

I am a firm believer in long summer vacations. While I'm usually ready for them to go back by the end of August, I'd be really sad to see them go now. I feel like we've just gotten started.

Enjoy your weekend!

Allison said...

My kids get out in early June BUT we get 2 weeks off in October, December and March/April. We love to go places in October, it can still be pleasantly warm in many places and school is in session for most of the country.

You enjoy your weekend also.