We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carbon Free Dad's Day

When I made a search for "Green Father's Day" I found the results a little disturbing. Even the greenest sites were getting you to buy something for dad. Though be it an eco-kayak or solar powered charger for his cell phone, it is still a purchase of something that might have taken non-renewable materials and energy to make. And may not be recyclable or reusable. I am not saying don't buy anything for dad, if he needs it, get it. What I am saying is do your homework before you buy. Be sure the product is earth friendly. Renewable, Reusable, Recyclable. Remember: being green is about being frugal too. The less you buy, the less ends up in the garbage heaps.

Here are some alternatives:

  • Donate to his favorite non-profit

  • Plant a tree in his name

  • Name a star after him

  • Check his tire pressure, oil and fluids for him

  • Give him a neck massage

  • Send him to cooking or bar-b-q classes

  • Make him a locally grown meal

  • Go on a bike ride with him

  • Do what he says-from turning off the lights to emptying the dishwasher

  • If you must buy, buy vintage. Golfer? Find some old wooden golf clubs. Sports fan? Find old memorabilia.

  • LOVE him. Show him you love him, that is the best gift.

Happy Green Father's Day!

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