We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow the earth from our
-Native American Proverb
We have been treating the Earth like we don't live on it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Green Food Advocate

I was reading a post at Arduous blog called "What the Eff is Going On With Our God Damned Food?" And I wondered if there is a Organic and/or Local Food Advocate? The United States has the USDA and the FDA. But that is not the type of organization I am refering to. I'm talking grass roots. For the people. A group like Sierra Club who lobbies for our environment. Or Greenpeace who uses dingies to save whales. (Those guys are crazy but they helped save thousands of whales form going extinct.)

Does it exist? If it does, where is it? And if it does exist then should it advertise a little girl spraying pesticides directly into her mouth to get the point across? Should there be commercials of dying children that can't breathe because their asthma is so severe? Scenes like that worked to get money to starving Africans during drought times. Can an organization actually get their point across to Twinkie-eaters? What would it take to wake people up and realize that what you put in your mouth-food, water, drinks, air, toys (for children)-is killing you? Oh ya, Hostess and McDonalds are United States, no, World institutions that can't be touched.

I do know that it is going to have to be BIG. Bigger than Discovery Green Channel. Bigger than Ed Begley or Leo DiCaprio. Bigger than local farmer's markets. Bigger than the Environmental Working Group.

It will take a lot of money, education, people power, media releases, product placement, a little brainwashing (hey, we have to play like the big boys) and good old fashion word of mouth.

Who is going to do this?

Can it be done? Will people ignore the messages? Is there too much going on in the world (Iraq, the upcoming election, Brangelina) to pay attention?


Beth said...

I wonder at things like this too. Sometimes it feels like the change is too big and overwhelming. But I think it really take one person at a time voicing it. Some of the biggest changes in our world have come from just one person spreading the word and it catching on. I happen to be an optimist and think people can change the world. My husband laughs at me and my faith in humanity. He's more jaded than me I think! :)

Stephanie said...

i am living in norither Canada and iam a mazed at how much there is food from the states here