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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Local Summer Week #4

Last week I didn't post my OLS meal because I didn't have one that was pure local. I have been feasting on local fruits and veggies but I didn't create one meal that was all local.

This week we had Mount Diablo Chicken Thighs w/ Grilled Veggies and Grilled Apricots drizzled with local honey for dessert.

The chicken thighs are from locally owned Brentwood Fine Meats and they get their chicken from the Fulton Valley, about 95 miles from here. The chicken is free range and hormone free. The marinade on the chicken consists of garlic, soy sauce, bell pepper and brown sugar. It was scrumptious on the grill!
The veggies are all local and they were flavored by my garden fresh thyme and oregano.

The apricots were freshly picked by me about 2 hours before grilling for about 12 minutes and drizzled with honey.
Mmm, good eats.


Robin Shreeves said...

Please don't think I'm judging here - I'm just curious. Is your soy sauce local? That's something I'm having trouble with when I try to make meal completely local - the marinade/condiment aspect of it.

I can't get local olive oil or soy sauce so all the meat and veggies are local but the stuff that snazzes them up is often off the grocery store shelf.

Do you think that is that cheating?

Beth said...

Oh that chicken recipe sounds so yummy!!

Allison said...

Thanks gals for commenting.

Robin- No I can't get local soy sauce. I cheated a little but I too am having trouble keeping the meals locally pure. When I read some of the OLS posts some people did cheat a little, like mixed veggies with one veggie not local. I just counted it as a "seasoning" because I bought the meat already marinaded by a local butcher.
I try not to cheat much bigger, I don't want to be in trouble with the OLS police. Ha Ha.

Dolores said...

I found your blog through OLS (we're neighbors with a mountain between us) and I wanted to say hello, and to chime in here.

In one woman's opinion, an occasional non-local ingredient is not cheating. First the whole thing here is a personal challenge, so you sort of define cheating for yourself. But I'd have made this dish and not considered it cheating for me. :) My guideline is so long as the out-of-area ingredient is not the focus of the dish, it's 'legal'.

Allison said...

Thanks Dolores. This means a lot coming from a foodie, and one in my neck of the woods.
I checked out your blog yesterday for a while. And, frankly, it made me hungry. Ha Ha. I will put it on my RSS to check out what new creations you come up with. And just to see the beautiful food pix.